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released July 31, 2017

Recorded at Aviram Estudi (Manresa, Catalonia) by Albert Palomar.
All songs written and composed by Pere Vilanova
Songs performed by Pere Vilanova.
Guitars and voices: Pere Vilanova

Mixed and Masterized by Albert Palomar


all rights reserved



Pere Vilanova

Pere Vilanova (Barcelona, 1988)
és un poeta i un cantautor. Canta en català, anglès i francès i les seves cançons sempre busquen la vida interior de les coses.


Pere Vilanova (Barcelona, 1988) is a poet and a songwriter. He sings in catalan, english and french and his songs are always looking for the inner life of things.
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Track Name: Drops of water
There is a place to stand, to stand,
Where castles reach up to the skies,
And your arm reaching round my shoulders,
Together again, seven years older.

Like drops of water suspended
As if in space children amazed
With smiles on their faces,
I was smiling too as I'm always with you.

With you.

Later that day more drops of water felt,
This time falling from our cheeks
To the airport floor,
When we knew, once we knew
We would be together no more.
Track Name: As we all know
The crystal mountains of your soul are burning
In the desert of darkness come over me
A face looks from the mirror
As if you were staying here with me.

The kitchen is dirty,
The dishes are full of shit
Our heart is full of lies
But tonight it will be fine
And I'll break my clothes
And I'll ride across the streets
To find you.

And every white regard will be missunderstood,
'Cause as we all know
I will defend you.

And let me take a memory
Of all those things we left
And let me say
I won't be clicked no more
And I will defend you.

Many years have passed
And problems are all gone,
And here I'm sitting alone in this melancoly,
Singing some songs
I've discarted long time ago,
And I will defend,

And every white regard here is not missunderstood,
'Cause as we all know
I won't attack you.
Track Name: Free Her
It's time to free her
Your honour will be fine,
Your blessing was never ment
To be on the right side,

Oh come on, free her,
It has been all too much,
Our supposed mistakes
Are just blossoms from your seeds,

Let me tell you how it will be,
She's gonna come with me,

To the sun where we'll live,
In perfect harmony,
To the sun where we'll live,
Plently of time to be.

I don't understand why
Are you so scared
Of something you don't want me to explain,
But anyway the choice is yours
And we cannot waste no more time,
So we say goodbye
For we'll be back sometime,

When we'll be back we will be much
richer than before,

With the sun where will live
In perfect harmony,
With the sun where will live,
Plenty of time to be,

With the sun in our hearts,
And freedom in our home,
With children of light
And plenty of time to be.
Track Name: Smiling Goodbye
Have you ever seen stars shining like that?
It seems yesterday when we first arrived too,
This country with flat fields,
Wonder, cathedrals are dancing in the night,

Time has come now heaven is dark,
Glasses are empty we've drink all what they once had,
A plane is waiting in your mind,
We will carry on missing a bit

Everything that you do
Sometimes it looks like
Tears were made to keep us safe,
We were giants,
We were loved.

Now you cannot do
What you want,
Forgetting little by little the past,
Forgetting little by little we were giants,
We were loved.

And you'll have friends,
You'll have loves,
You'll be everything you do, you do, you do,

The sun in Turkey will will shine.
Track Name: Buscant l'aurora
Que val per res retrobar mons perduts
ens els camins del son,
en els carrers del buit?

On tens la veu? Sota la tardor?
L'hivern que espera
obre el seu foc,

Seguirà viva amb la victòria
escrita als ulls,
continuarà buscant l'aurora,
passejarà les penes
pels carrers buits,
aquestes nits mai no perdonen,

Buscant l'aurora.

Sé que hi serà
quan el sol mori estrany,
que trobaré
les notes adequades,

Seguiràs tu amb la meva fe,
m'aturaré a comptar fronteres
que travessarem
vents i murs
vençuts per dos cels de tempesta.

Seguirà viva amb la victòria
escrita als ulls,
continuarà buscant l'aurora,
passejarà les penes
pels carrers buits,
aquestes nits mai no perdonen,

Buscant l'aurora.
Track Name: Sofia
Do you remember when we had lost our flight
And the engine wouldn't turn?
Red mountains were laughing loud by our side,
I remember we were stucked,

So far, so far from home,
so far, we were so far.

When suddenly showed up and picked us up
With his car,
You said he looks like a KGB agent
And I've heard his neck cracked,

So far, so far from home,
So far, so far, no return.

Oh silver eyes of shining diamonds,
oh empty edge of european peace,
I'm sure this was
My last crossroads
And I'd stopped complaining no more.

These metal statues in Stalin woods,
These communist roots,
And railways above the poor,
And people who fight for their country back,

Me myself come from
A place like this,
Where corrupted wizards
mainly steal.

And my lame people had surrended
But in your mirror they might
start again,
And this will be their last crossroads,
They will stop complaining no more.
Track Name: Àreu
Muntanyes, vosaltres que de costat
acaroneu la inquietud del meu cor,
sabreu moure’m el dits dels peus
per tal que m’avancin les cames?
I és que sento un foc violent
a l’interior del meu ànim
que si no trobés branques
dins les valls que guardeu
hauria de cremar-me la carn.

Muntanyes que gesteu
les altives pertorbacions,
doneu-me l’ordre de descansar,
envieu-me els quatre ocells
del vostre cim ingovernable,
que se’m mengin la meduŀla espinal
i m’aquietin com un fragment de Tao
davant la visió.

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